Create Purchase Order Request to Negotiate Vendor Quotation

1. Click “E-Purchasing”

2. Click “Purchase Order Request”

3. Click “Insert”

4. You can fill your validation for PO Request Document

5. Click “Select Seller” to choose Seller

6. Click “Select”

7. Complete your PO Request general information

8. Click “Add” on detail item

9. Click “Select” on RFQ Document that you want to processed

10. at the next step, you have to choose RFQ item that you want to process

11. After choose item, you can click the next step process on the top

12. Click “Select” on the Quotation document

13. You can review the quotation detail, after that you can click “PO Request to Seller”

14. Click “Make Offer” to complete your offer for each specific item

15. Click “Save”

16. Click “Additional Cost” if you have any adjustment

17. Click “Tax” if you have any adjustment

18. Click “Save”

19. On the top of PO Request form, you can see all information about additional cost, tax and attachment that charged in your offer

20. Click “Submit”

21. Click “OK”

22. Your PO Request will be shown in PO Request page, you can monitor your PO Request Document status because PO Request document will shown seller response about your PO Request

e-Procurement Platform dengan Harga

RUN Market e-Procurement Platform menawarkan solusi pengelolaan pengadaan dengan fitur terlengkap dan harga terjangkau. Pelajari paket berlangganan yang kami tawarkan untuk perusahaan Anda sekarang !